Alphabet scavenger hunt

Have some family fun finding items around your house for each letter of the alphabet.  Work sheet is available below.

Alphabet scavenger hunt worksheet

Make a playing card holder

Learn how to make family game night a little better with this DIY Playing card holder for little hands.

Doing Our Part

What are we doing to help families with the challenge of being at home.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Cephalopods

  • Frank visits the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and spends some time with Naturalist Dan Albro learning about cephalopods. 

The After Christmas Tree

  • Frank is joined by is side kick (and son) Anthony to share a great holiday book, The After Christmas Tree, and make a couple of wintery treats fr our feathered friends.

Ice Art

  • Frank and Anthony make a super cool experiment with ingredients from the kitchen

Learn your family story

  • The Duo interview Baba, Anthony's grandmother.  Sharing her family story with them was great fun for all.

Fluffy Slime

This episode Danny teaches Frank how to make Fluffy Slime.