Camps we offer

Mad Scientists


Mad Scientist Week is full of gooey, icky, drippy, sloppy FUN! And our staff leads this mess. Campers will create and learn a new topic each day with lots of "Mad Science." The campers will have a positive scientific reaction! Activities Include: Make Your Own Lab Coat, Earth Science, Hot and Cold, Light and Dark, The Senses. Food Science.

Wizard Week


Wizard Week -We have planned an exciting week full of spells, magic and enchantment for the campers in your town! Campers will receive their acceptance letter to a famous school of Wizardry and then the journey begins!  After all are sorted into houses, we will take a STEM based look at "Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone."  Activities Include: House Cups, Design Your Own Crest, Dissecting Owl Pellets, Quidditch Games & more!

LEGO Legends


LEGO® Legends Week -Each day will start and end with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® challenges, then we will dive deep into individual and group builds exploring the day's theme including- Architecture, Bridges & Vehicles, Outer Space S,tory Creation,  Inventions. All take home a small LEGO® build each day.This is not a robotics program. 

Space Camp


Space Camp - Kids will assume the roles of rocket designer, mission control, and astronaut. It'll be a blast! With this intergalactic camp, kids make space exploration their own. Activities for this camp include: Make your own telescope and star finder, design, build, and fly a rocket.