This unique display of games from around the world is designed to engage the whole family in a fun and educational way.


      AMAZING GAMES is a "hands on" traveling exhibit that lets the visitor play games, create games, and discover the history of games.  With more than 12 components making up this interactive exhibition, it's easily assembled, enjoyed by all ages, and is a great way to invite your community to come and PLAY!  

What is included

Here is a sample of the different components from Amazing Games...

Climbing Maze

This dexterity game is actually 2 games in one!  The game involves carefully moving a suspended ball up a board that's a maze of holes. 

Since it's a two sided exhibit, players on both sides can frantically race against each other to maneuver the ball to reach the target hole at the top before the other person does.


The Wavy Wand

The aim of this game is to thread a looped wand through a wavy wire without touching the sides. If you do touch it, there will be lots of giggling!  And to add to the pressure, a 60 second timer beats progressively faster as time ticks on. Beat the timer and the crowd will go wild!


The Kitchen Table                   

 Remember when we all sat around it to play those great board games? Do it here.. All the classics and a few new ones are included at the table.  


Create a Game                 

  Visitors get a chance to design, create and build their own games. Take it with you to play at home too.  Imaginations soar here! 


            And there's more...much, much more!

Please contact us to discuss your needs.  or  318.608.4558    


Melissa and Frank share all of the fun details about Amazing Games.

All the Nitty Gritty

Download a detailed document that include exhibit inventory and sample floor plans.